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Celebrating 50 YEARS!!! Join us Thursday, Oct. 12!

       Celebrating 50 YEARS at Industries, Inc.!



Industries, Incorporated merged with PHASE


For nearly 50 years, Industries Incorporated has been an integral part of the community of Isanti and Kanabec counties, providing employment and therapeutic and transportation services to adults diagnosed with an intellectual disability, traumatic brain injury or mental illness.  As a local non-profit, all Industries Incorporated services and enterprises are aimed at providing individuals with disabilities more employment options and enhanced therapeutic services.  Every Industries Incorporated business enterprise employs, and is designed for and with, individuals with disabilities. 

Last month Industries Incorporated finalized its largest project to date.  After months of collaborative work, Industries Incorporated and kindred service provider, PHASE, merged under the PHASE umbrella of companies.  As one, the organization will serve nearly 500 service recipients across east-central Minnesota and employ over 140 employees. 

"The two organizations have collaborated closely across the years," according to Tim Schmutzer, Executive Director for PHASE.  "Because of our existing relationship, the complementary strengths of each organization, and the shrinking pool of statewide resources directed toward non-profit disability services, the Boards for each organization believed the time was right to formalize our collaboration in the form of a merger."

Industries Incorporated has built strong and successful employment placement programs.  PHASE has honed its ability to work effectively with individuals with high and often complex support needs.  Together, Industries Incorporated and PHASE intend to blend these strengths across the entire service region.  While Industries Incorporated has integrated its business into the PHASE company, its service locations, name, and connection to the local communities remain.  "Honoring our agency's half-century relationship with our community and the community members that have contributed so much to Industries' Mission was very important in this undertaking," said Denise Johnson, Director.

Johnson sees the merge with PHASE as an opportunity to enhance and expand service options for clients.  "We are able to invest into programs and the Direct Support Professionals so vital to our program's success because of this merger.  We are small enough continue to be a member and partner with the local community, yet now large enough to ensure stability and actively promote program growth," stated Johnson.

Industries Incorporated, now a division of PHASE, invites the public to visit its Mora GoodWorks Thrift Store for great deals.  Also check out Heritage Wood Products in Cambridge for hand-designed barn wood art and furniture.  PHASE Furnishings, just north of Pine City, continues to update its inventory of new furniture and home decor.  Historically both Industries Incorporated and PHASE have striven to invest in the people, development, and places of their local communities. Now this same level of commitment comes from a single, integrated organization.

Click here to view the PHASE website.

Policy & Procedure:

Data Privacy (pdf)
Emergency Use of Manual Restraint (pdf) Effective 8-1-16
Grievances (pdf)
Program Participant Rights (pdf)
Reporting and Review of Maltreatment of Vulnerable Adults (pdf)
Temporary Service Suspension (pdf)


John's Employment Success Story

Industries, Inc.'s Enjoy Minnesota fundraiser.
John working at the Grand Casino.

John started his path to employment in May of 2007 by working in Industries, Inc.'s workshop . He worked on a wide variety of assembly products, wood products and custom products including fire starters.

John's next step in his employment path was to work in the community on a work crew. He worked at Grand Casino Hinckley as a housekeeper and went to local farms with a crew to collect wood from barns that were being demolished. John worked both in Industries' workshop and on community work crews until 2013.

At this time John and his team believed Industries had completed its mission to prepare him for competitive employment. His next step was a referral to Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS) where he filled out an application for services, was accepted, and met with a rehabilitation counselor.

The VRS counselor determined John was a good candidate for Work Adjustment Training (WAT). During this training John worked at a local grocery store stocking shelves. An employment consultant from Industries worked with John to help enhance his work skills. John had a bit of trouble with this position, but went on to a carry-out position with the same store and did very well at that.

After observing John and assisting him during the WAT, the VRS counselor met with John and Industries, Inc. staff, and all agreed John was ready to find competitive employment!

While he was job seeking, John continued working at Industries as a Material Handler. This job entailed helping the workhop foreman keep assembly and packagine materials supplied to workers, wrap pallets of finished product for shipping, and other workshop duties.

John also learned how to earn extra cash by "scrapping" — collecting discarded metal and bringing it to a recycling center. John became quite good at this and would eagerly explain to Industries' staff and his coworkers how to identify each type of metal and what each is worth to a recycler. It became obvious to John and his team that scrapping, or something similar, would be a great fit for permanent employment.

As luck would have it, Industries, Inc.'s Job developer, Kris B., had recently met with the people at SRC Recycling in Wyoming, MN, and took a tour of its plant.  Kris told John about SRC Recycling, and most importantly, that they were hiring. John completed an application, and because of the connections Industries, Inc. had made with SRC Recycling, John was hired on-the-spot December 1, 2014!

John now works five days a week at SRC Recycling and is completely independent of Industries, Inc. His hours vary depending on the amount of recycling needing to be sorted, but he works 4 hours or more per day. When the work load is extra heavy, John willingly works overtime.

Recently John visited the Cambridge Industries, Inc. office to inform staff and his past coworkers that he has been asked to help maintain the machines at SRC Recycling. John also encouraged Industries workshop clients to do the best with their employment goals so they, too, could become independent.

Congratulations John! Everyone at Industries, Inc. is proud of you and your accomplishments.

If you or someone you know would benefit from the employment services offered by Industries, Inc., please telephone Industries at 320-679-2354 (Mora) or 763-689-5434 (Cambridge) or visit either office. Click here for office locations.


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