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A big group of Industries, Inc. clients.


Industries, Inc's mission is to support people with disabilities and other challenges by providing training and employment services which result in greater independence in their communities.



Industries, Inc. strives to offer an effective, client-centered service by utilizing a well-structured individualized program plan based on the client's needs, abilities and interests. The client's rights and confidentiality of information is protected while providing opportunities for growth in self-esteem, self-reliance and community integration.

Two Industries, Inc. clients jubilantly pose for the camera!

For our clients of production, janitorial, and enclave services, we are committed to excellent customer service and take pride in our high-quality standards. We endeavor to provide the highest quality service at competitive prices.

In all areas, Industries, Incorporated seeks to provide professional, quality service while keeping the Mission foremost in our daily operations.


Financial Statements & Tax Documents

Industries, Inc.'s 2014 Income Tax Exemption Form (pdf).

Industries, Inc.'s Summary of 2013 Audited Financial Statements (pdf).

Additional financial information is available upon request.