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Heritage Barn Wood Products

Handcrafted Wood Products

Industries' Country Store offers a wide array of handmade barn wood products.

Hand crafted from salvaged barn wood, Industries’ line of boxes, bird houses, feeders, signs, coat/hat racks, framed art and more are a piece of Minnesota history. They are great for storage, as utility and flower boxes, for bird watching, home decor and more.

From work crews that tear down donated barns through various wood-working processes and on to retail sales, Industries works hard at creating possibilities that are endless.

Visit our Country Store in Cambridge and see the largest display of barn wood American flags ever.  Watch us on Facebook for store hours and postings of special sales events.


Barnwood and pinewood birdhouses.

Wood Boxes

Varying colors and conditions of the wood make these very unique and antique-looking. The barn-wood boxes look great as-is with the wood’s natural grain and color characteristics, or with a selected design burned into the wood. Custom work is also available. Rope handles are optional. Box dimensions are approximate and color/style of wood varies based on availability.

Our pine-wood boxes are available natural (just a coat of polyurethane for protection) or with a colorful painted design. Choose from our large assortment. Pine-wood boxes are built in the same dimensions as our barn-wood boxes.




Barn-wood signs, pictures and planters.      Barn-wood signs, pictures, growth chart, planters.

Signs and Shot Gun Shell Racks

A popular product line, our signs and coat/hat racks are handcrafted one at a time. Each board is matched and selected carefully to the appropriate saying and design. Dozens of sayings and designs to choose from.
















Other Barn-wood Accessories

Siding, doors, windows, gates and other pieces salvaged from old barns are recycled into one-of-a-kind treasures. Items include doors, window boxes, planters, mirrors, growth charts and much more -- it all depends on availability. The charm of these hand-crafted projects makes them great additions home interiors, cabins, porches, gardens and sheds. And don't forget them as unique gift ideas!

Industries, Inc. makes a wide variety of barn wood products.  Barn-wood signs, boxes and pictures are popular barn wood products.  Barn wood signs, birdhouses, chalk boards, and large decorative Scrabble-type letters are always in stock at Industries, Inc.'s Country Store.