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Programs & Services

Person-centered programs and services are available through Industries, Inc. to address individual needs and desires. As a community leader in providing job opportunities for people with disabilities and other challenges, Industries assists individuals in becoming as independent in their communities as possible. 

The programs and services are licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services or are CARF accredited. They fall into five levels of work activity: Vocational Assessment, Work Adjustment Training, Center- Based Employment, Supported Employment and Individual Placement & Retention.


Vocational Service Programs

Center-Based Employment
A variety of day program activities, job training and skills development.


Center-Based Employment includes on-site contract work for income producing employment, job training, skills development and a place for learning appropriate work behavior. Individuals in this program may be working toward job-readiness in the community or they may be working on improving existing skills. It also serves the purpose of providing a structured employment environment which allows individuals to learn skills in ‘real-work’ situations.

Industries, Inc. employees produce quality work on jobs such as:
• Assembly
• Packaging
• Bagging
• Heat sealing
• Tear strip
• Collating/sorting/stapling
• Shredding
• Inserting
• Labeling
• Shrink wrapping

Large workshop, skid storage, quick turnaround, competitive pricing, tight quality control, dependable trained workers, 12 pallet straight truck for pick-up and delivery.

Individual Placement & Retention
Placement Services guides talented individuals through the process of resumes, applications, interviewing and provides the support an individual may need to become independently competitive in the work place of today. Industries offers continued assistance to each individual through job coaching, counseling, skills development to assure retention and quality job performance.


Industries, Inc. offers Placement Services to assist individuals in finding competitive employment at a sustainable wage. This service can support people seeking full or part time work. Employment Consultants work directly with each person assisting them with job search preparation and support, placement readiness and follow-up support. Once a job has been established, Industries, Inc. provides continued support and retention services and can respond quickly if needs arise unexpectedly.

This service is designed to help find and keep paid employment. Employment options vary per site and are designed to meet the outcome goals of each individual.

Services may include a combination of the following:
• Individual employment counseling
• Individualized work-related assessment
• Individual job search plan
• Job search preparation such as resume building, mock interviews
• Job search support
• Placement Readiness Group
• Long term support services for job retention
• Assistance with accommodations and adaptable work equipment

Supported Employment
Provides job opportunities within the community either independently or under the supervision of Industries, Inc. staff.


Industries, Inc. offers Supported Employment Services (SES) to assist individuals seeking a job enhance their employability skills, explore work opportunities and find meaningful employment. Under an Industries’ Direct Service Professional, individuals are offered services ranging from job development and training to coaching and follow-up support. Once a job has been established, Industries, Inc. provides continued support and retention services and can respond quickly if needs arise unexpectedly.

This service is designed for extensive ongoing support to get and keep paid employment. The goal of this service is to help individuals with disabilities find and keep work at minimum wage or higher. Employment options vary and are designed to meet the outcome goals of each individual.

Service availability varies by site. SES services include help getting a job as well as help adapting and keeping a job.

Services for preparing for employment:
• Individual and group counseling
• Individualized work-related assessment
• Individual job development and job placement activities
• Mobility training for getting around safely, including getting to and from work
• On-the-job training in work and related work skills needed for job performance

Services once employed (including job coaching):
• Ongoing supervision and monitoring of performance
• Long term support services for job retention
• Training in the use of break and lunch areas, and other social skills important to co-worker relationships
• Training to use transportation to get to and from work
• Help figuring out reasonable accommodations and adapted work equipment to adapt work to abilities

Vocational Assessment
Vocational Assessments allow individuals an opportunity to "sample" positions for interest and ability in real business environments.


Industries, Inc.’s vocational assessment service is designed to assist individuals exploring employment opportunities within their community. Our job placement specialists help individuals identify job strengths and interests, and help determine what types of work might be a good fit. During this period a person may try more than one job. The assessments are valuable tools used in making recommendations for future vocational development, training or accommodations.  

Community-based assessments and facility-based assessments may be used. These services are time limited and customized to each individual's personal needs.

Assessment Services include:
• Evaluation of current aptitude and how to convert or gain additional skills
• Community-based job trial - hands-on work experience at local business sites allow skills to be demonstrated and potential barriers to work exposed

Job coaching provides one-on-one training to help individuals understand job expectations.

Work-Adjustment Training
Provides job opportunities to develop job skills before gaining community employment.


The Work Adjustment Training program offered at Industries, Inc. provides an individualized training program of vocational counseling and trial for adults with disabilities assisting them in finding and keeping a job in their community. The training and support provided are designed to assist the individual in developing interpersonal skills, work skills/habits/behaviors, functional capacities and job retention skills required to obtain and maintain employment. The short-term, time-limited program includes assistance with improving productivity, attendance, working with others and work tolerance.

Individuals in this program are looking to develop or reestablish skills and attitudes, during a supported training period, that are conducive to positive employment outcomes.

Ticket to Work
Industries, Incorporated is a certified Social Security Administration (SSA) Employment Network in the free Ticket to Work program. We help individuals who are on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SI) work in Central Minnesota. We assess job aptitudes, interests, skills; help you prepare for interviews with coaching and resumes; and support you with valuable tools and personal assistance so you can work at a job that is right for you.


You are not alone – Industries’ Employment Consultants work with you, side by side, to help you find the right employment fit. We work with you, guiding you in the process from a place of experience and support so you are comfortable and ready for the transition.

Services Offered:
• Support
• Interest discovery
• Job search assistance
• Placement assistance
• Ongoing employment support - help to keep a job
• School to Work Transition Services
• Career consulting (portfolio prep, resume writing, interview skills)
• Career strategies (skills assessment and development, job coaching)
• Job accommodations
• Situational assessment
Serve people with the following types of disabilities:
• Health Conditions
• Neurological Conditions
• Mental Health Disabilities
• Developmental Disabilities
• Brain Injury or Stroke

We are currently seeking ticket holders with a disability who are serious about working their way off of federal benefits. For more information go to our Ticket to Work page.

The hours for the Center-Based Program are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. There may be additional hours available as production dictates.

The Individual Placement & Retention, Supported Employment, Vocational Assessment and Work-Adjustment hours will be determined by you, your team (if applicable) and your Coordinator.

The frequency of services to be provided will be determined by you and your team.


Adult Day Programs

A client uses the sensory wall.

Day Training and Habilitation
Industries, Incorporated provides employment opportunities, skills training, job development and community integration on an individualized basis to adults with disabilities. These services are designed to increase each person's productivity and income level, improve the job status of the person served and increase social integration with non-disabled community members.


Annually, Industries, Inc.’s staff meets with each individual, their family members, guardians, social workers and case managers to review personal plans, identify interests and goals and prepare a course of action for the coming year. This individualized assessment process is centered on the person served with their full input. Individual goals focus on their desires, strengths and abilities, making them unique and specific.

Industries, Inc. provides a variety of opportunities that match the skills and interests of people with disabilities:
• Individual employment
• Work crew employment
• Supported employment
• Assessments and training for work and life skills
• Volunteer with local organizations
• Recreational activities

Industries, Inc. Also Provides School to Work Transition Services -
Along with a student's Individualized Education Program (IEP) team, Industries, Inc. can help develop a transition plan that is unique to each student, creating a successful and comfortable change from school to work.

Prevocational Services
Industries, Inc. provides Prevocational Services to enhance and support people with disabilities to prepare for and obtain employment. Through active participation in training, skills development and employment, individuals have the opportunity to achieve a greater level of independence in their communities.


Based on each person’s Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE), Industries provides comprehensive, coordinated and accountable services needed to prepare for, engage in and retain employment. The IPE is determined taking into consideration each individual's strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities and informed choice.

The specific services provided may include:
• vocational counseling and guidance
• job and skills training
• job coaching and mentoring in real, integrated work settings
• gain work skills and experience through partnerships with local businesses

Structured Day Services
Industries, Inc. offers a structured day program for adults with disabilities who can benefit from rehabilitation, intensive therapeutic interventions and life/social skills training.  These services are individually designed to include each person’s specific plan and address areas that will improve or maintain their skills and abilities to reach and maintain the highest possible level of independence, productivity and integration into their communities.


Depending on the individual, services may include assessment, training and supervision of self-care, task completion, communication skills, interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills, socialization, sensory/motor skills, mobility, community transportation skills, reduction/elimination of maladaptive behaviors, money management skills, and skills to maintain a household.

The main hours for Adult Day Programs are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  There may be work opportunities outside of these hours as well.

The frequency of services to be provided will be determined by you and your team.

For more information or to enroll in Industries, Inc.'s services contact Denise Johnson, Co-Executive Director-Programming, at 763-689-5434 x15 or djohnson@industriesinc.org today!


Policy & Procedure:

Data Privacy (pdf)
Emergency Use of Manual Restraint (pdf) Effective 8-1-16
Grievances (pdf)
Program Participant Rights (pdf)
Reporting and Review of Maltreatment of Vulnerable Adults (pdf)
Temporary Service Suspension (pdf)


Outcomes Report:
Otto Bremer Foundation and Initiative Foundation Grant

Industries, Inc.'s Enjoy Minnesota fundraiser.

GOALS of the grant:  Increase the number of business relationships that result in increased work opportunities for the people with physical, cognitive, developmental, and mental health disabilities.  Educate businesses about the benefits of hiring people with disabilities.  Increase paid work opportunities for people with disabilities in our community and participate in specialized training to help individuals obtain and maintain employment.

  1. What progress have you made toward your original goals and objectives?   What activities led to meeting these goals and objectives?

  2. Industries, Inc.'s Enjoy Minnesota fundraiser.

    Our Job Developer and Employment Consultants educated over 100 businesses about the benefits of hiring people with disabilities. This was done by actively participating in Mora, Cambridge, Isanti, North Branch, and Braham Chambers, networking at the local BNI and educating businesses in the clients’ communities. As a result, twenty-nine paid work opportunities were developed affecting 125 individuals participating in those work opportunities.

    Our Employment Specialists placed 14 individuals in competitive employment with average wages of $9.00 per hour.  The Employment Specialists utilized skills learned in specialized training and also got to know and educate businesses in the client’s community.  Businesses we worked with to place people referred us to additional resource to recycle and sell donations won’t sell at our thrift store.

    Our Employment Specialists assessed 50 individuals for employment readiness.  Five found competitive employment as part of their assessment and the others were referred to appropriate programs to learn more employment skills.  Employment Specialists educate businesses in the client’s community to match the type of work with the person they are working with.

    We successfully reached out to difficult-to-reach populations of people with disabilities (transition students and people on social security with a Ticket to Work) to help them understand the benefits of working and the resources available.  Industries, Inc. hosted an open house with presentations given by Industries, Inc. staff, Social Security Ticket to Work, Minnesota Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Disability Law Center, Central Lakes Community College, and the Brain Injury Association.  This was communicated to schools by attending their conferences, educating teachers and directors at middle and high schools, attending school co-op meetings, participating in student transition fairs, participating in school activities and sending out invites via Constant Contact and the local radio station.  Also as a result of these efforts, schools have been contacting us to contract directly with them for some student transitions and vocational evaluations.  In addition, we have been able to educate them on new legislation and how we can be a resource to them.

    This grant also allowed us the time to assure satisfaction and quality work was being done for existing contracts to maintain the work we had in place.

    Specialized Training:

    Five staff completed 40 hours of training by the Association of Community Rehabilitation Educators.  Each received a National Certificate of Achievement in Employment Services.  Three people have been placed in competitive employment using the skills from this training and Vocational Rehabilitation Services added this as a service to purchase from us as well.

    Two staff completed training with the Minnesota Department of Human Services on Community Inclusion of people with disabilities.

    Five staff completed suicide prevention training by NAMI.

    Five staff completed training and certification to help people on the autism spectrum obtain and maintain employment.

    Twenty clients have participated in eTrac online vocational training through Midwest Specialty Services.  This training helps individuals learn and understand the soft skills needed when they are employed. Three people have completed and have received their certificates.

    We have created two sets of marketing material. One set that is given out to businesses that may contract with us for their business needs and another set for those interested in program services.

  3. Were there any unanticipated results, either positive or negative?  What did you learn because of this grant?

    • Minnesota Vocational Rehabilitation Services added two new services to our contract and will be adding a third as a result of the specialized training the staff have received.
    • We added a service that allowed us to help people we serve obtain their drivers permit and also prepare for college.
    • Minnesota Vocational Rehabilitation Services asked us to be on their state advisory committee for a service we received specialized training on.
    • We obtained new training sites in the Braham area as a result of hosting our open house at the Braham Community Center.
    • Local schools have started contracting with us directly to complete vocational evaluations for some students that would otherwise have to wait until they graduated from school.  
    • Minnesota Vocational Rehabilitation Services asked us to start a local job club for providers to network and share resources.
    • The number of referrals from Minnesota Vocational Rehabilitation Services continues to increase. 

    As a result of the quality staff training and demonstrated implementation, the Minnesota Division Rehabilitation Services added two more services to purchase from us.  We will continue to complete quality training on working with people with a variety of disabilities and best practices to help them achieve employment.  In addition, our Employment Placement Coordinator will become certified in Benefits Analysis for people on social security and want to find out how work will affect their benefits.  This will result in another added fee for service.

  4. Are there any other important outcomes as a result of this grant?
  5. Production and contract sales increased.

  6. Do you have any plans to share your results or findings?  How?
  7. The results will be shared on our website, via social media, in our written materials, and by word of mouth.