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Ticket to Work

Industries, Inc. is a Certified Employment Network

Is your goal financial independence?

The Ticket to Work program may be right for you. Ticket to Work is a free and voluntary Social Security program that helps people who receive disability benefits return to work or work for the first time with a goal of obtaining full time employment.

It allows you, as a Social Security disability beneficiary, to explore your options, prepare for work or gain experience, while staying in control of your benefits. You can decide what kind of work is right for you, get help to find services that are right for you and receive training and support.

When you participate in the Ticket to Work program, you work with an Employment Network (EN) or Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (VR) to reduce or eliminate your dependence on SSDI and/or SSI cash benefits and increase your income.

If you are an adult age 18 through 64 and receive disability benefits you automatically are qualified for Ticket to Work.

Click here for the Ticket to Work website (www.choosework.net).

Frequently Asked Questions (http://www.choosework.net/about/frequently-asked-questions/index.html)

Get started at Industries, Inc. by telephoning Mary Barnes at 763-689-5434 x16 or emailing her at mbarnes@industriesinc.org.



Assign Your Ticket to Industries

Industries, Incorporated is a certified Social Security Administration (SSA) Employment Network (EN) in the free Ticket to Work program. We help individuals between the ages of 18 and 64 who are on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) return to work in Central Minnesota.

You are not alone. We offer a complete support package and valuable tools that remove barriers to work including assessing job aptitudes, preparing resumes, interview skills, job placement and training.

Trained as a certified EN, our staff works diligently to find the right employment fit for you. It is our goal for you to be successful, fulfilled and satisfied with the job you ultimately decide upon. We work with you, guiding you in the process from a place of experience and support so you are comfortable and ready for the transition. 

We look forward to putting our resources to work for you!

For more information regarding how your disability benefits may be affected, go to Disability Benefits 101 (mn.db101.org) or contact a Work Incentive Connections benefits expert at 651-632-5113 or 1-800-976-6728.

For more information about Ticket to Work, go to chooseworkttw.net/about/index.html.

Get started at Industries, Inc. by telephoning Mary Barnes at 763-689-5434 x16 or emailing her at mbarnes@industriesinc.org.